CASCA 2020 - Graduate Student Workshop:

Thank you all for the wonderful Graduate Student Workshop this year! It was our first online GSW, and we are quite pleased with the turnout :) We have compiled a few resources (including both presentations) that we would like to share with you here. Your new CASCA GSC Chair,
-- Carter Rhea

The Graduate Student Workshop (GSW) is a day-long workshop proceeding the CASCA AGM. The workshop is organized by graduate students for graduate students. The day is traditionally divided into three sessions focusing on diverse topics.

This year we will be hosting two sessions via Zoom Webinar. Each will consist of a talk by a chosen presenter followed by questions. Each session is approximately 1.5 hours long.

To accommodate the four time zones, we will be starting at 12 PM EST and finishing at 4 PM EST.

Well-being and mindfulness (12PM-1:30PM):

The morning session will provide a brief overview of the benefits of mental and physical well-being from a scientific point of view. Following the overview there will be an interactive session introducing practical mindfulness techniques to maintain our mental well-being.

Presenter: Holly Rogers

Business Meeting (1:30PM-2PM):

The annual business meeting will be held virtually to discuss the previous year of GSC activities.

Science Communication (2PM-3:30PM):

The afternoon session will be hosted by a professional science communicator. They will focus on sharing tools that will help us (1) promote science and evidence based thinking/critical thinking, and (2) better communicate our science to the public, fellow scientists, astronomers, and policy makers. This session will cover, but is not limited to, science writing, science on social media, and oral communication (presentations).

Presenter: Mary Beth Laychak

Graduate Student Committee:

The Graduate Student Committee (GSC) is one of the many committees of CASCA. The GSC includes graduate students representing all the Canadian universities with graduate programs in Astrophysics and Space Science. The GSC serves as an advocate for graduate students providing a powerful resource to ensure that the voice of graduate students is heard on the national level.